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Critters in the Attic!

Clawing and scratching was how a friend called to describe a noise they were hearing in their sleep. Of course this kind of call brought some suggestions to our attention that maybe they had an infestation of some sort but we of course would need to investigate. 

Sure enough rats and birds nesting and defecating...

3 images of the mess in the attic

This pest issue needed immediate attention after we discovered that not only did these pests just make a mess but the feces were also being cycled into the homes heating and air creating a toxic environment. Now it’s time to take action. Time to clean up the mess. 

Image of the process of the cleaning

Having critters in your attic not only creates discomfort but can be extremely toxic to your health so we wanted to make sure the job got done right. After clearing the mess we blew brand new insulation and called it a day. The customer was very pleased to find out not only have the pest and mess been taken care of but hey have a clean attic with new insulation.

3 images of a clean attic

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